Girl Suicide Bomber arrested near Maiduguri Market

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A teenage girl dressed in full hijab that hid an improvised explosive wrapped around her body was yesterday arrested by operatives of the Civilian JTF as she headed towards Maiduguri market where two female suicide bombers had bombed traders the previous day, security sources and witnesses said.

This happened as soldiers and operatives of the Vigilante Group were piling corpses of Boko Haram gunmen killed during an aborted attack on Konduga, a town located 35km West of Maiduguri.

Muhammed Abbas, an official of the Nigeria Vigilante Group in Maiduguri, told LEADERSHIP on phone that a young girl dressed in full hijab was intercepted by vigilante youths on stop-and-check duty at the Post Office area and was discovered to have some wired device under her garment.

“It was like a joke when she was stopped by the Civilian JTF operatives, who asked her to lift her Hijab a bit. When she reluctantly did, they saw the IED tied around her abdomen.

Everyone thought the device would explode, but it didn’t, and this made us suspect that either the IEDs they usually use are either remote controlled or timed,” said Abbas

LEADERSHIP learnt that the girl was handed over to soldiers at the Sector 4 deployment near the market.



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