Five Extremely Violent Moments In Game Of Thrones

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If one is looking for a television show with an apt description of violence, the Game Of Thrones show definitely ranks tops of the list. It has been rated severally by various critics as one of the most extremely violent shows to ever come on television. The incredibly interesting storylines and fantastic acting however, doesn’t seem to in anyway tone down the violence, murder and mutilation the show has come to be known for.

As a matter of fact, from the sadistic nature of King Joffrey, to the torture of Theon Greyjoy by Ramsey Snow to the extremely violent nature of the Red Wedding, very few shows can match up to the violence of Fame of Thrones. As a result of this, I have decided to choose five of the most violent moments from the numerous ones the show has come to be known for. It was quite difficult to choose as certain events like the Battle of Blackwater, the Rat torture and the Battle of Castle Black all failed to earn a spot on my list.



Golden crown (Season two)


The scene of the Golden crown is one of the crazy moments of Game Of Thrones. Daenerys Targaryen was recently married to the Dothraki leader Khal Drogo. The marriage was initially arranged as a means for her brother, Viserys, to secure the army necessary for him to match on the capital to reclaim the Iron Throne. However, it became obvious as time went by that Viserys was a greedy and arrogant person that was bound to have issues.

And it came at the point when a drunk Viserys threatened Daenerys and her unborn baby. An angry Khal Drogo gave him the crown he so desired by pouring molten gold on his head to serve as the crown he wanted. The real shock was when Daenerys uttered the words that her brother was no dragon king as they could not be hurt by fire. This alone showed how much the characters were used to the violence of their days.


King Joffrey’s sadistic torture (Season two)


King Joffrey is perhaps one of the most hated characters of Game of Thrones as he personally typifies rage and sadism. His uncle Tyrion had hoped to put his sadism in check by giving him a pair of prostitutes -Daisy and Ros to pass his time. However, the sadistic Joffrey is not interested in sex but instead commands Ros to beat Daisy while he is armed with a crossbow with which he threatens to kill them if they failed to follow his instructions.

This perhaps is one of the most uncomfortable moments in the show which is especially due to the sheer pleasure and satisfaction Joffrey seemed to derive from the torture and violence. Though, there are more violent scenes, the pleasure which was well illustrated by Jack Gleeson as king Joffrey makes it a truly gory and unpleasant scene.


Torture of Theon Greyjoy (Season three)

Torture of theon greyjoy

Well, Theon his probably the most unfortunate character in the Game Of Thrones television series. Very few characters went through as much pain as Theon Greyjoy. Theon was hated for betraying Robb Stark in Season two and realigning with his relatives. He goes on further to to take over Winterfell, the northern home of the Starks. Unfortunately for him however, he is betrayed by his own men and handed over to one of the most sadistic characters on Game of Thrones -Ramsay Snow.

Throughout the third season, Theon is put through some of the most vicious and unimaginable torture by Ramsey Snow. What tops the list of violent acts against theon is when Ramsey tricked him into thinking he is being seduced by some beautiful women only to enter the room and have his large penis cut off. This was a very gory scene and extremely violent scene of the show.


The Red Wedding season four

Well, the ‘Red Wedding’ is most probably at the top of the list of the most violent scene on television for 2014. The massacre occurred at the wedding event of Roslin Frey and Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey and was the most decisive event in the War of the Five Kingdoms.

As the wedding feast proceeded, Walder Frey (father of the bride) signalled his armed men who went on to massacre the Northern army led by Robb Stark. Robb’s wife, Talisa, is the first to die as she is stabbed in the stomach, instantly killing her and her unborn child. Robb and Catelyn Stark are also murdered in the chaos, with Catelyn pleading with Walder Frey to spare her son while promising not to hold anything against him. This however fell on deaf ears just as the head of Robb’s direwolf is cut and placed on his corpse.

Take it or leave it, the Red Wedding is one of the most disgusting and violent moments of Game Of Thrones. The violence is as gory as they come as everything belonging to the North men is slaughtered.


Crashing of skull (Season four)

GameOfThrones skull crashing

Season four of Game of Thrones brought on of the most brutal scenes to television. After Tyrion Lannister is condemned to a death sentence for the murder of his nephew- King Joffrey, he requests a trial by combat in an effort to save his life. Prince Oberyn Martell volunteers to fight for Tyrion against the prosecution’s champion – the mountain.

As the battle commences, Prince Martell shocks the crowd as he got the better of ‘the Mountain’ who was a much larger than him. It appeared as if he was victorious as he paused to ask the Mountain to confess to raping and murdering his sister, Ella. Unfortunately, his pause was his undoing as the Mountain was able to recover in time to bring Martell to the ground by tripping him. The Mountain then kills him by crushing his eyes and skull with his bare hands. This scene was extremely bloody as blood and grey matter could be seen scattered around. This is perhaps the most gruelling and violent scene so far in the show and it seemed a perfect culmination to a tense fight scene.


So, those are my five extremely violent moments on the Game Of Thrones show. Do you know of any more violent scene which you think tops this?, then hit up the comment section and let’s talk about it.



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