Egyptian Court Sentences Over 200 People To Death

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An Egyptian court in Giza has sentenced almost 200 people to death for a violent attack on a police station last year during the riots that ousted President Mohammad Morsi.

The death verdict comes just as the Egyptian court in Cairo ruled on a procedural technicality that saw charges against former President Hosni Mubark dismissed. Mr Mubarak had been accused of overseeing the police killing of just over a 1000 protesters in the 2011 riots.

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A court in Giza issued a death sentence for 188 alleged Muslim Brotherhood supporters, charging them with the murder of 11 police officers on 14 August 2013.

A defence lawyer claimed that not only had there been no effort to prove that any of the individuals charged had personally killed any one of the officers, large swathes of evidence were suppressed and scores of witnesses were excluded from the courtroom.

The 188 were also found guilty of the attempted murder of 10 other police personnel, sabotaging the police station, torching a number of police vehicles and possessing heavy firearms.



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