Drake vs Blake: In Case You Missed This Hilarious Skit From Drake & Chris Brown

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While hosting the 2014 ESPYS back in July 16, 2014, Drake teamed up with Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin for a hilarious skit titled “Drake vs. Blake.” The skit even featured a special guest appearance from Chris Brown.

The skit started with Blake and Drake pitted against each other as former friends turned foes. First, Drake and Blake opened up while making a fake film that they were like “brothers.” Things quickly turned when Blake and Drake pretended to argue on what name would come first in their fictitious film!

Later in the sketch, Drake is about to go under for an operation. At this point, Blake and Drake are TOTAL enemies. First, wearing a surgical mask to hide his identity, Blake dismisses the rest of the medical team for “donuts.” When Blake pulls down his mask, Drake realizes it’s his now enemy and freaks out!

Watch the video below:



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