DIY Steps On How To Achieve OMBRE Lips

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Before we start, here are some points you should note:

  • The key to perfect ‘ombre’ lips is blending. You need to blend the colors well into each other
  • Using a lipgloss is not a must, but it helps you blend the colors perfectly.
  • You only need to blend out the area where the 2colors meet. Don’t over-blend.


Things You Need to Achieve A Pink And White Ombre Lips


  • Baby wipes
  • Lip brush
  • EOS lip balm
  • Absolute clear lipgloss
  • BM|Pro lipgloss in ‘Cala’
  • Zaron lipliner in ‘Fussy fushia’
  • Flormar pink lipstick
  • NYX jumbo pencil in ‘Milk’

Step 1: Apply and blend out lip liner. In this picture, a Zaron “fussy fushia” lipliner was use to line the lips.


Step 2: Apply lipstick on the outer part of the lips. A pink flormar lipstick was used in the picture.


Step 3: Next you apply the white jumbo pencil to the inner part of the lips. A NYX jumbo pencil in “milk” colour was used in the picture which actually looks white.


Step 4: Blend the inner area of the lips with the outer one. Rub very little amount of clear lip gloss on the pink areas of the lips; an absolute clear lip gloss was used in the picture. Make sure the lip gloss is not so much.


A BM|Pro Lip gloss in “Cala” was used on the white part of the lips to finish the ombre lips.


This can be rocked everywhere and you can go from simple as it is in the tutorial to dramatic.It is simple and adds the extra oomph you need to your regular everyday make up look.

Tutorial And Photo Credits: Rainbows Artistry




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