Daily Mail’s Jan Moir Tags The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge As ‘A Terrible Dissappointment’

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Jan Moir says that  the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have become a terrible, terrible disappointment to us all.

A part of the article says;

“Instead, what we got are a couple of dreary suburbanites, a Mr and Mrs Bland who trundle around the world in mumsy dresses and dad-trousers, saying not very much at all. So terrified are the low-impact Cambridges of causing even a hint of controversy, they make a point of never uttering anything within ten miles of that town called Mildly Interesting.

They look like a couple of dreary suburbanites in mumsy dresses and dad trousers at a golf club dinner after a weekend shop at Waitrose

This fear of disputation, matched with a craving for the public approval that ensures their survival, has turned them into a pair of weird, international geisha-people. Mouthing only platitudes, they smile and nod at everything as they cut ribbons and accept posies like royal robots.”


“When the Cambridges met Jay Z and Beyoncé at the basketball match, it was clear to see who was the most regal and important — and it wasn’t the duke and duchess”

Read the full piece HERE..It’s very interesting..


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