Could This Be A Sign? Idris And Tayo Fight

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Early on in the day, Idris and Tayo had an altercation that would have spiralled out of control but for the intervention of other housemates. Idris could be heard repeatedly telling Tayo to mind his own business even as the Nigerian kept teasing and calling him names.


The fight started as the housemates were working on the crazy task assigned to them by Biggie. As the Hotshots discussed within them Tayo all of a sudden brought up a discussion on Idris’s relationship with different women in the house. Tayo told Idris that it was inappropriate for him to have different women in his arms and telling anyone that cares to listen that they are ‘just’ friends when in reality, he had a sinister motive towards them. Tayo then went further to talk about the altercation Idirs had had in the past with Kacey Moore which seemingly did not sit well with the Tanzanian who immediately shouted at Tayo, telling him it was none of his business.


Not done with the Tanzanian, Tayo went on further to call Idris a ‘small boy’ who had no idea of what he was doing. He told him to find something to do with his life instead of moving around aimlessly from one woman to another. Tayo continued his abuse as he told Idris that his mouth was dirty and heavy due to the extra teeth he had in them.


Having had enough of the hurting words, Idris attacked with words as he repeatedly told Tayo to mind his business and leave him to his ways. Fortunately for the two, Butterphly and Nhlanhla stepped in and tried with little success to calm the warring men down.

Ada Igboanugo

Ada Igboanugo

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