BREAKING: The New 007 Movie will be entitled “SPECTRE”

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Hollywood and the rest of the world is about to witness another shaker, but this time, it’s an addition to the James bond Series by EON Productions (Eon now holds the full adaptation rights to all of Ian Fleming’s Bond novels). This was announced by Oscar Wining director Sam Mendes at a launch event at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire as he revealed the title to the new movie.

It’s no news that the films are the longest continually running and the second-highest grossing film series to date, it boasts of professional actors whose dexterity at interpreting their given roles not only makes fans beg for more but also get them awards and accolades.

aston martin db10

The new movie, SPECTRE, 24th of the Bond franchise features Daniel Craig in his titular role for the 4th time, in a new state of the art car, Aston Martin DB10. Earlier this year also, French actress Léa Seydoux (Blue is the Warmest Colour) was confirmed as the new Bond girl. She will be bringing some heat to the new movie. Seydoux also appeared in Mission Impossible: Ghost Patrol and Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds.

SPECTRE is coming October 23rd, 2015 in the UK, followed two weeks later by the US premiere on November 6th, and consequently, the rest of the world. (The name is an acronym for all things obviously evil: Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion).

While fingers are crossed and the whole world awaits, filming will begin earnest and at specific locations, including London, Rome, Morocco, Mexico City and the Austrian Alps.


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