Bill Cosby Claps Back: Sues Judy Huth

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77 year old Bill Cosby has been under fire over different sexual assault claims lately. The legendary comic who is accused of attacking 19 women, has kept mute on the issue but that has changed as he has taken legal action against a woman who claims he got her drunk and sexually assaulted her when she was 15 at the Playboy Mansion.

He filed court papers against Judy Huth calling her claims ‘absolutely false’ and also that Miss Huth’s lawyer tried to extort him for $100,000 – and then raised the price to $250,000 as new women came forward to make similar claims.

The lawyer, Cosby claims, demanded cash in return for silence – upping the demands as more women came forward.

Cosby alleges that Miss Huth tried to sell the story to the media 10 years ago, but no-one would publish her claims.

The court papers state:  ‘Approximately 10 years ago, plaintiff Judith Huff unsuccessfully tried to get money from a tabloid by selling the same story about Bill Cosby that is the subject of this lawsuit.

‘Knowing that since she disclosed her allegations to a media outlet 10 years ago, she cannot claim to have a repressed memory.’

The argument of a repressed memory would allow Miss Huth to file a civil lawsuit within three years of the time she remembered. However, if she recalled the incident a decade ago, her lawsuit is moot, Cosby’s papers state.

Miss Huth filed her own suit on Tuesday, alleging she has suffered ‘psychological injuries and illnesses’ that she only connected to the assault within the last three years. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for sexual battery and emotional distress.



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