BBA’s Zainab & Barbz Pictured Kissing

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Pictures of former Big Brother housemates, Barbz and Zainab kissing have raised concerns as to whether the two are in an intimate relationship.

Back in 2013 similar photos were released and Zainab denied being a lesbian saying;

“Yes am not righteous but also, I am not a lesbian. For all have sin says the Bible so owe to they that assumes and judge. No one is perfect besides I took those pictures in the name of fun to entertain my fans.  I don’t really care what people think because I live my life to please me NOT them. I am a model and I am used to chilling with girls.  A mere kiss on the lips of a fellow girlfriend can’t be a lesbian act but if it is then all the ladies in Turkey are Lesbians.”

Maybe they were just trying to be crazy. See the pictures below.

Capture1101 barbs and zainab Capture218




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