#BBAHotshotsLIVE: “It’s Every Man For Himself”- J.J

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The house seemed a little gloomy this morning following the eviction show yesterday of Sheillah and Trezagah. With eight housemates left in the house, its no wonder everyone is watching their backs.

Nonetheless, normal activities continued in the house this morning starting with Vocal couch, RJ Benjamin taking the remaining eight housemates through some singing practice at 8:00am. He then asked all the housemates to do a solo 8:30am, Ma’am bea went first and the others followed suit.

8:55am Tayo the turns to Permithias and sings a song by her as his own solo before the notification goes off for shower hour 9:00am Nhlanhla is the last to give his own rendition which was then followed by the rest of the housemates as they performed a song by Permithias 9:10am

RJ takes his leave 9:12am and JJ decides he was “going to play pranks on people this week. No one can nominate me!” 9:14am but he joins Macky2 to prepare breakfast while they sing, saving his ambition for later 9:20am

While music plays in the background in the house 9:30am Idris busies himself with the hard work of weight lifting 9:45am the other housemates start, individually, making their own breakfasts (as JJ declared this week “every man for himself” 10:05am)

 10:20am Sipe and Ma’am bea focuses on applying makeup, Macky2 resorts to doing his laundry while Tayo finds serenity in the garden after having breakfast. 10:42am

Idris refocuses his attention on Butterphly asking “why she is using toothpaste on her face” 10:43am Background music continues to play 10:45am as Biggie shuffles his selection before announcing that the store room is now open 11:11am Ma’am bea is seen pacing around the house, Idris asks J.J what talent he possesses, J.J replies saying he isn’t a bad dancer 11:29am 

12:01 – The housemates lazy around as the day goes by.

Chioma Halima Olabode

Chioma Halima Olabode

Chioma Halima Olabode is born of an Igbo dad and Yoruba mum in Jos, Northern Nigeria. An avid lover of Nigerian music and PS games. Deputy manager in an IT firm during the day and Vodka lover at night. Follow me on 360nobs for THE PILL on my precise thoughts on all sorts of Nationwide or Worldwide silliness.

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