BBA Hotshots: This Was How Africa Voted Towards Last Night’s Eviction

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Sheilla - Botswana

Coming on the heels of the eviction of Sheillah, Trezagah, Ellah and Goitse, IK informed the remaining housemates that they would be having a celebration concert organised for them by Big Brother.  IK told the housemates that the special treat for making it to the final week will feature Addiction, Dee Moneey and Tekno. IK also informed the remaining housemates that they were all up for possible eviction next week where the ultimate hotshot would emerge and walk away with the grand prize of $300,000.

The housemates left in the running for the grand prize are Macky2, Ma’m Bea, Tayo, Butterphly, Nhlanhla, Idris, JJ, and Sipe.

More so, according to the voting patterns this week, the housemates placed on eviction had varying votes just as Ellah, Goitse, Sheillah and Trezagah received the lowest number of votes. The results of the voting are as follows


Trezagah - Mozambique
Trezagah – Mozambique

Ellah got Uganda’s country vote, Goitse got Botswana while Idris secured votes from Kenya, Namibia and Tanzania. Furthermore, JJ had Zimbabwe pocketed, Sheillah got South Africa while Sipe had Malawi and Zambia respectively. Tayo, the Nigerian hotshot remaining in the house secured votes froM Ghana, Nigeria, the Rest of Africa and Rwanda while Trezagah had votes from Mozambique.


Given the voting patterns, Five of the housemates were tied with one country vote each which inadvertently meant that the tie-breaker rule will come into effect. The effect of this was that the four housemates with the lowest percentage vote for all countries represented were evicted from the Big Brother house.

In summary-

Ellah: Uganda

Goitse: Botswana

Idris: Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania

JJ: Zimbabwe

Sheillah: South Africa

Sipe: Malawi, Zambia

Tayo: Ghana, Nigeria, Rest of Africa, Rwanda

Trezagah: Mozambique

Five housemates were tied on one country vote each. The tie-breaker rules therefore applied and the four contestants with the lowest percentage vote for all countries were evicted.






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