BBA Hotshots: Tactics Of A Winner? Tayo Keeps To Himself

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As the Big Brother Hotshots show gradually comes to an end, it is evident that most of the housemates are taking out time to reflect on their time in the house as they take stock of the positives and negatives their being in the house has imparted on them. More so, one of the loudest of the Hotshots seems to be taking this time to to quietly reflect on his time in the house. Since he had survived last week’s eviction, he has evidently gone quiet as he avoids altercations and disagreements with the remaining housemates.


After having seemingly endless bouts of anger and fights with different housemates probably as a result of his aggression, it seems like a very good idea for Tayo to tone down and reflect. During his Diary sessions, he made it known to Biggie that even though some of the other housemates were acting mischievous and lousy, he had no intentions whatsoever of changing his character and as a result, he has decided to stay away from all the drama and pretence by simply keeping to himself.


The Nigerian went on further to say that if he did not have M’am Bea by his side, he would be satisfied with keeping to himself as he found solace in beating his Djembe drum which was a way for him to relieve himself of his frustrations. This quiet and lonesome Tayo is very much different from the one that everyone has come to know over the past eight weeks. However, even though Tayo may appear loud mouthed, it was mostly so due to his perceived betrayal from people close to him and him taking the fall for other people. This perhaps gives him a right to be sensitive and reactive when issues come up mostly as a form of protection for himself.


On the other hand, it could be said that Tayo allowed his environment control him, instead of controlling it. Circumstances in the house has obviously made Tayo go through a lot which has also made him develop a thick skin. In the final week of the show when every of the housemates seems to be eager to sell their brands and appear unique, with some going extreme in their canvas for votes, Tayo’s strategy to stand out is to be quiet and different from who he has been known as. It is left to be seen if this strategy will work to his benefit or will be his albatross.






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