BBA HOTSHOTS: See What The Housemates Are Doing To Win The Prize

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As the Big Brother Hotshots season gradually heads to an end this week, Big Brother has yet again added another twist to the exciting show. Biggie informed the housemates that they would all be performing at the Grand Finale on Sunday while still in the house. Even though the remaining housemates in the running for the grand prize are eight in number, they would be given four minutes each to show their talents in song, drama, poetry, comedy and dance. The theme for their Extravaganza will be “The Big Brother Hotshots Journey”.


Biggie went on further to give the housemates time to develop and plan the concepts for their performance. Later on, the housemates would be required to present a creative concept for the extravaganza and also to submit a script detailing the acts they would showcase later on. The Housemates began work in earnest even as Macky2 was of the opinion that it was necessary for the Hotshots to end the show on a high note with an explosive presentation.


Furthermore, the surprises in the Big Brother house continued as Biggie told the housemates that the task for the week would entail “Crazy characters”. Which would test the abilities of the Hotshots to get into the character of other Hotshots or former housemates. For the housemates to know the roles they would be playing in the task, Biggie sent in his Ninja who required every single remaining housemate to draw out a name from his hat after which they got a tag with the name they had picked. The housemates were thus required to put the tag in front of their clothes. After this, the housemates were told that they had to take on the character, mannerisms, style of dress, speech pattern and behavior of the housemate or former housemate they had chosen from the Ninja’s hat.


Soon after, the housemates were informed that the “Crazy character” task had began and each of the housemate was required to get into character. The remaining housemates and the fellow Hotshot/ former housemate they would be acting like is given below

JJ – Natasha,

Idris – Esther,

Sipe – Mr. 265,

M’am Bea – Biggie,

Macky2 –Trezagah,

Tayo – Vimbai and

Butterphly – Risa.

Ma’m Bea was the first to get into character as she instructed the housemates to Freeze. She went further to tell Tayo to stop eating for at least ten minutes, while calling some other housemates into the “Diary room”.




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