BBA Hotshots: Nhlanhla, JJ And Idris Gossip About Housemates

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Following closely on the heels of the eviction of Trezagah, Sheillah, Goitse and Ellah, the trio of Nhlanhla, JJ and Idris spent some time together to bond and gossip. The trio’s discussion was based on reminiscing and taking a trip down memory lane to talk about their time in the house and more importantly the scandals that followed their love escapades in the Big Brother house.


Nhlanhla was the first to go down memory lane as he talked about how Mira kissed him in the presence of Sheillah. He was quite truthful as he admitted to enjoying all the attention the women were giving him even though he had acted unperturbed by their actions. More so, Nhlanhla went on further to tell the guys about his sexual escapades with the closest female to him in the house – Sheillah. He went into explicit details as he told the guys all they did and that he enjoyed her having Sheillah around him.


Furthermore, JJ told the guys that he he had given firmer housemate -Miss P a french kiss when they visited the Big Brother house. He was however quickly interjected by Idris who reminded him that it was not Miss P he kissed but Ellah. Idris told him not to deny it as other housemates were witnesses to the act. JJ also told the guys how he was stunned and crazy about Samantha even though things did not work out between them. The guys later talked about the time Samantha spent in the house.


Idris on his part appears to be the ladies man of the lot in the house. He talked about how his relationships with the ladies in the house started with Goitse and his transition to Ellah. Moreover, he also seemed to had a certain level of closeness to Samantha, even as he is still close to Butterphly and Ma’m Bea who are his confidants whenever relationship issues arise between him and the duo of Goitse and Ellah who have been evicted from the house. Idris was however sad that he had lost according to him, the “two most important women” in his life.




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