BBA HOTSHOTS: Here Is Why We Think Idris Will Be The Likely Winner And Not Tayo

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The season 9 edition has sure had its own share of drama and creativity as the housemates all around Africa battle each other for Supremacy. As we come closer to the grand finale on the 7th of December, every African has a favourite hotshot to win the show out of the final eight housemates but some seem to have an edge over others.


Idris is one of the housemates that is likely to emerge as the ultimate Hotshot. The reason for this is not farfetched as he has used his charm and charisma, especially towards the ladies to good use. The young Tanzanian seemed to have employed the strategy of being close to female housemates as evident with the love Web he was entangled in with Ellah and Goitse. Going with past voting patterns of previous Big Brother Africa shows, it seems the voting audience always seem to have a thing for “players” and unruly men and Idris ranks top in this area. More so, coming from East Africa might be Idris’s undoing as he has to struggle for votes from Zambia’s Macky2 and South Africa’s Nhlanhla just to mention a few.


Furthermore, Nigeria’s Tayo is one of the strongest contenders for the prize money of $300,000. He is widely perceived as a strong contender for the prize money due to his “realness” and often quick to anger attitude. He’s strong point is coming from the west Africa bloc where he has to contend for votes with Ma’m Bea and perhaps might get votes from Botswana as a payback favour for the Nigerian since evicted housemates from there were kept in the house for a while by Nigerian country vote.


More so, other strong contenders include Nhlanhla and the underdog, Sipe who has survived the games of the house thus far.



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