[UPDATED] BBA Hotshots Grande Finale: How The Winner [Idris] Was Selected

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It has been a roller coastal these 65 days and finally it has come to an end this final day December 7th and the winner finally chose, Idris. we did make our predictions known earlier and we had indeed predicted that the lad, as against our very own, Tayo, would take home the prize and so he did. Here is how the night panned out up until this very glorious moment.

Butterphly and Ma’m Bea, first to be evicted

The final show was definitely not lacking in the pomp, glitz and glamour the Big Brother show has come to be known for. The show kicked off with interesting performances from music artists including “Eja Nla” D’banj who had the audience asking for more of his performance.

IK then went straight to the eviction of as the representative of the auditing firm brought the envelope containing the names of the six housemates that would first be evicted. IK asked all the Hotshots to stand just as he called the names of Butterfly and Ma’m Bea to leave the house as they were the first to be evicted.


JJ and Sipe are next evictees

A musical performance by Nzonzi helped to douse the highly tensed atmosphere. After the musical interlude, IK welcomed Butterphly and Ma’m Bea to the stage and asked them how they feel. Butterphly said she felt like crying for leaving at this stage while Ma’m Bea said she learnt a lot the last week. Butterphly said the house brought out the real her even as it took her long to adjust. Ma’m Bea said she had a caring heart which she picked up from her mother. IK presented a medallion as gift from Biggie to the duo, saying it will help serve as a reminder they made it to the finals.

IK moved on next to the housemates for the next set of evictions. He announced the names of JJ and Sipe as the next evictees from the Big Brother house.


The Moment The Winner Was Picked-

The final moment was upon us. Tayo and Idris were brought through via a limosine and went on stage with IK, waiting to hear which one of them would be crowned this season’s winner, Africa’s Big Brother Hotshot. They made a great entrance to the live stage. Idris was speechless, Tayo watched his final video of his 63 days in the house as he shuffled around nervously.

Idris clearly enjoyed his video and watched himself intently. IK talked to Tayo and he said that things changed for him in the house. They discussed their fight but it was water under the bridge. He talked about having fun in the house in the last week, IK asked Tayo if the pressure got to him, Tayo said that he chilled for the past week as he felt he had done everything he had done already. Tayo then mentioned that if he won, he would give a “grand prize” to the woman who “walked into his house”. Idris said that he will “give the money back to Africa”.

IK stood on stage with the final envelope that revealed the winner. “The winner of Big Brother Hotshots is…” IK left them hanging, the drone kept droning on, IK extended their agony, and then said. “That person is Idris.”

Idris is the winner! Africa has chosen as Idris charmed not only the women of the house, he charmed the entire continent of Africa. The Tanzanian is now USD300,000 richer. Tayo played an amazing game but Idris is the ultimate winner and there is much celebration.

Congratulations to Idris, the ultimate Big Brother Hotshot.

How Africa Voted

According to the final votes of this season, the housemate with the most number of country votes is Idrs.

Idris received five country votes and these were from Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

The runner-up, Tayo received two country votes and these were from Nigeria and Mozambique. The rest of the finalists received country votes as follows:

Macky2 got two country votes from Zambia and Rest of Africa, Nhlanhla also got two country votes from South Africa and Botswana, JJ got one country vote from Zimbabwe, Sipe also got one country vote from Malawi and Butterphly received 0 country votes.

For the housemates who received the same number of country votes, the tie breaker rule came into effect for those housemates.

According to the Big Brother Africa rules: If the Popularity vote does not yield clear evictees and there is a deadlock between two or more housemates, the percentage vote from each of the 15 regions is added together and divided by 14 in order to generate an across the board percentage, which is then used to ascertain who stays and who goes.



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  1. Welldone bba!!! Tayo deserved to be a winner, meaning there’s no point voting when you’ve had the name of the winner from initial. Thank you bba team!!!

  2. My brothers and sisters it has come to my notice that this show is no more a reality show which was whot we know it to be it is now a zonal show but it would ave been better if they told us dat a winner most come from a particular zone or country so that we the vewer will know that other housemate are dere to complete the number of housemate required for the show. The main reason people do not put more interest in this season show was that since last two season there has been fake winner in the show but let me tell u fake thing don’t last but original thing do u people are gradually loosing customers because of changing frm reality to game of selection bye

    1. Thank you all for your comments,but the fact is that biggi is lien to the hol-world and africa..we voted from outside africa,Hamburg,uk,Spn,usa for TAYO but our grtx supris is that biggi said TAYO got 2 vote from africa only,why the result show’s that TAYO is the winner.,which means biggi is lien and also plying with pples feelings.I RESY MY CASE.

  3. Nigerian guys are complaining but they do not remember that they have been winning for the past three yrs in a row and no one complained, this is everyone’s show, you can not always be a winner, just admit that Idris won the BBA, we also from other countries our participants didn’t win but we are not complaining. “ONE BLOOD ONE AFRICA….!i

  4. BB should just say they are sharing the winner, cos this is no more reality! Tayo deserves to win! For me its a Bye to watching and voting on BBA. Pity Nigerians who’ll still go for auditions next year.

  5. My heart breaks to see Tayo lose at that point, but I was glad he didn’t win. He was unnecessarily loud to take into cognizance his environment and also listen with an open mind to what others had to say. I guess now he will bend low to listen as winning would have made him think that his attitude is dope!
    My take on bba: Nigerians have simply been used as the cash cow to sustain this event. Poor Ghana, their participation would always be a matter of number and not member.
    Finally, bba is about tolerating other housemates from different countries and not to merely lord it over them.

  6. the point is, idris was a no-brainer frm day 1…… Tayo showed his real character in the house while some others pretended….way to go AKT nigga

    1. Ooooops the best Guy scoped it, you know here it was just how you show your character to the world and if you pleased us honestly you get it. Lets go back to the scene and reveal the negativity and positive of our contestants. Tayo, yes of course he showed his abilities but he did not read the probability beyond the house!!!! he seems to have walked away with the first prize prior to the finale. The winner Idris he has everything that the continent liked, discipline, joyous etc

  7. I am a Nigeria. the same Zone with Tayo. He doesnt diserve to Win. Idris was an entertainer why Tayo was Arrogance Full of himself always Thinking he is Better than Others. lousy as well Very insultive all d time. Africa has Voted, Hurray! Uo Idris.

  8. Am sop glad ıdrıs won the money,he deserves the money he showed us hıs realness whıle tayo was busy wıth hıs stupıd drum.ı hated tayo from day one he ıs loud n fool of hıs stupıd self .ıdrıs won de money so ıf u have objectıons keep dem to ur stupıd self .he won de money no change de money wont run to stupıd tayo

  9. Tayo, this is just a lesson for u to learn. u r entertaining but ur arrogance, pride, loud nature didnt do u good. U have to bend low and respect others. u dnt expect to look low on every1 and expect votes. Nigerians shld accept it, Tayo is not well behaved……. its not abt just being loud. Am sure this is God’s way of humbling you. Take it seriously and humble urself. The Lord will lift u up

  10. Shut up u idiot talking abt one blood Africa. Dia is nothing like one blood any more. It has become a regional rotational thing. This show was originally a reality show but has lost its popularity because of tribalism and unrepented sentiments by BIGGI, who has been manipulating Africa VOTES for HIS favored housemates. This year’s show is d worst of all. D only OUSTANDING housemate was TAYO, which was confirmed by d EX housemates. Dat was why Biggi brought those EX HM to spice it up. From d beginning of d show TAYO was d only man DAT has been real and entertained AFRICA. The rest were FAKE, except MAMBEE, who never pretended but very cool. BBA is FRAUD and am advicing all West Africans particularly NIGERIANS toSHUN DIS BIASED (EAST & SOUTHERN AFRICAAFRICANS) SHOW. RUBISH.

  11. That’s the problem with nigerians, they think everything belongs to then but that’s not the case . arrogant,insulting women and having a big mouth has never prevailed or made anyone a winner.if so funny how one can just be disrespectful and expect the continent to tolerate such behaviour.throwing tantrums will take you nowhere

    1. Thank you anonymous, I couldn’t have said it better myself. How many times have Nigeria won the BBA? Did we complain? No, because we thought they deserve to win, Now the past two years other countries are winning, it’s a problem to them. Nigerians, not everything is about you, we are all Africans and this continent belongs to all who live in it. Am sure Tayo has learnt one lesson or two, being loud, disrespect, arrogance and insulting women is something that is not taken lightly especially in the 21century darling.

  12. There is too much regionalism, tribalism, sentimentalism, prejudice, and internal dirty politics by Biggie in selecting winners. These are my observation for drawing this conclusion:

    1) Biggie changed the voting selection in to countries rather than the total number of people that votes for a particular housemate why?

    2) Now that you select vote by countries, where are the rest countries from West Africa in the voting. I cannot see the likes of Serea Loane, Gambia, Liberia, Togo, Mali, Senegal, Benin, Cameroon etc is Beggie saying that they did not vote? if they did why should biggie treat them as one country or as he calls it the rest of Africa? This is unfair and discrimination.

    3) This is suppose to be a reality TV show, it is deviant to say because Nigeria have won it more times than others so give others region of Africa a chance, that is such a sense less statement to say, when the show is about hotshot talent. The most prominant and dominant xterm in that house was Tayo, even the ex-housmates that were brought in confirmed it, but Biggie chose to play politics with the truth and hurt people’s feeling. Shame on Biggie for doing this.

    4) Why is Beggie not also considering vote from the rest of the world? People voted from UK, USA, Canada Germany, Australia. What happened to their votes?

    Finally i want to advice Nigerians to please boycott this show, Beggie is rotating the winners by Region rather than showcasing a reality TV with fair judgement.

    It is now time to have 9ja Big Brother. We don’t need the BBA at all. Let the East and Southern African run the show. Nigeria is big enough to have her own.

  13. Oh My Word really! Please 9ja peeps take a break and chill a bit seriously!I also don’t understand how the counting of votes it’s done and This Tie-breaker confuses me even more but I’m open to the fact that other countries deserve to win but in a fair manner.honesty it’s the best policy and if Nigeria was such a paradise there wouldn’t be nigerians floating all over the world and worst of all floating with bad things.so you occupying most of the population doesn’t automatically make you guys better than any country in Africa please.all you guys need to do its stop being arrogant and be humble like Marvin from BBA Chase

    1. are u telling me that idris is humble?
      rewind the tapes and watch it again.
      he talks arrogantly to others, use female for his game. Even had his mother come remind him to behave. what a pity

  14. Nobody says other candidate from other countries should not win but lets be fair there is no transparency in the counting of the vote. What we are saying is that the best candidate that entertained Africa should win. In this case BBA Hotshot Tayo was more entertaining than Idris for sure.

  15. Did I just hear someone calling Melvin’s name being humble and yet the so called One Blood Africa denied him winning in the Chase. For sure there is no transparency, it is not the best that wins in this show anymore. Lets not wish any one that that which your deserve should be given to someone else; God forbid! Let your conscience judge all of you. For you Tayo hold on to the Lord He will surely make a way for you – look at Vimbia, Elikeem and the likes of them. Be encourage and it shall be welll with you. God bless you.

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