BBA Hotshots Grand finale: Idris Is The Ultimate Hotshot

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The final show was definitely not lacking in the pomp, glitz and glamour the Big Brother show has come to be known for. The show kicked off with interesting performances from music artists including “Eja Nla” D’banj who had the audience asking for more of his performance.


IK then went straight to the eviction of as the representative of the auditing firm brought the envelope containing the names of the six housemates that would first be evicted. IK asked all the Hotshots to stand just as he called the names of Butterfly and Ma’m Bea to leave the house as they were the first to be evicted.

A musical performance by Nzonzi helped to douse the highly tensed atmosphere. After the musical interlude, IK welcomed Butterphly and Ma’m Bea to the stage and asked them how they feel. Butterphly said she felt like crying for leaving at this stage while Ma’m Bea said she learnt a lot the last week. Butterphly said the house brought out the real her even as it took her long to adjust. Ma’m Bea said she had a caring heart which she picked up from her mother. IK presented a medallion as gift from Biggie to the duo, saying it will help serve as a reminder they made it to the finals.


IK moved on to the housemates for the next set of evictions. He announced the names of JJ and Sipe as the next evictees from the Big Brother house. IK welcomed them to the stage and went on straight to ask how they felt. Both said they felt great on leaving the house when they did. Sipe said the fact that she won the star metre twice means that people appreciated her effort in the house. Sipe was in tears has she watched her journey in the house. Sipe said she thinks Macky2 or Idris will win it. JJ on his part said he thinks either of Nhlanhla or Idris will emerge as winners.


IK went back into the house to send two more housemates home. He reminded them that there could only be one of them walking away with the money from the four of them. He then told the four that Nhlanhla and Macky2 are the next two housemates leaving the house. MI then came on stage to perform “Bad Belle” off his new ‘Chairman’ album.


Macky2 told IK that he did his best and that was all that mattered to him while Nhlanhla said Idris was his major challenge in the house which was why he requested Africa to vote the most entertaining person. And the final moment came as IK was handed the envelop containing the name of the ultimate Hotshot. The remaining two housemates, Tayo and Idris were summoned into the diary room for the final diary session. Big Brother said he wishes them the best as he signed up the diary session for the ninth season. The housemates then left the house for the live studio. IK then went on to announce Idris as the ultimate hotshot who walks away with the $300,000 prize money.

Ada Igboanugo

Ada Igboanugo

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  1. crying for money? all the time. looooool. now he is facing reality. man should work for their kids . tayo the dumpest HM. only loud. now going to synagogue.

  2. It easier for you to stay out there an criticise; go into the house and be locked up with different character for just a month and see how if feels. Whether good or bad this is a reality show which should depict the real you and not pretence which most of the housemate where displaying. If not for East African vote Idris can’t stand Tayo or Macky 2 we all know that. Tayo is the realest Hotshot. I say CAPITAL NO TO Regionalim. No human is flawless, so remove the timber in your eyes before you see the toothpick in Tayo’s: your woman will be proud of you, so responsible and responsive. Yes! you had issues with housemate which is normal you never held malice with anyone, the next minute you are talking with them. That to me is a good quality – a man of great character- no body can cover your star it shines so bright. Every body is talking about you; during the show comparing you with other housemate even Biggy knows you are the real Hotshot. I SAY BIG NO TO REGIONALISM. We all are Africans. ONE LOVE

  3. For us fans our lives continues I pray in a good way. For the Hotshot housemate already some are been endorsed and have gotten richer than Idris already. What does that mean: their destiny is in God’s hand and their own hands. It’s good to wish all of them well and not berating any of them as life continues for them. Tayo this is just the beginning for you. Please will like you to do alot with your real friends in the house: Frankie, Trez, Mam’bee and Esther (Small Paper) this is just the beginning for you. Like Elikem said it was good he did not win, but look at him today. For BBA and Africa: Please and Please do not deprieve a labourer of his wage this is the height of injustice. I SAY NO TO REGIONALISM

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