BBA Hotshots: Diary Sessions Of Winners

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The day’s diary session was an interesting one as Big Brother enjoined the housemates to plead for votes while telling them why they think they are deserving of the prize money. Biggie also told the housemates that they were all winners irrespective of the outcome of the Grand finale results since they had all made it that far in the game. The housemates remaining in the house couldn’t hide their pride and excitement at being in the house for that long as they told Biggie stories of important moments in the house which they believed had a role in keeping them this far in the house.


Idris was the first to go, and he told Big Brother that his most memorable part in the house was the bromance with JJ and Nhlanhla which took a different dimension in the final week as they became known as the “Suckers” who were thorns in the flesh of fellow housemates. The Tanzanian went on further to thank Biggie for inspiring and bringing out the best in him. More so, Sipe on her part was well dressed with heavy makeup as she wore bright lip stick. She told Biggie that she was sending out kisses to everyone as this would be the last Friday of the show. The Malawian hair dresser also told Biggie that she hoped Africa would not use some of her actions in the house to judge her especially when she took alcohol. She was of the opinion that people sometimes make mistakes and do things without thinking them through and hopes she won’t be judged by her negativity.


Macky2 told Biggie that he hopes people would rather know and judge him for his hardwork and achievements rather than using pity as a basis of analysis of his performance both in the house and the outside world. Butterphly on her part told Biggie that she still felt she was dreaming as she did not envisage going this far. The Zimbabwean On Air Radio Personality said she hoped that the Big Brother platform would be enough to push her further in her career and dreams.


Moreover, Ma’m Bea pleaded with Africa to vote for her as she hopes to help Idle youths by using a non governmental organisation platform. She also said she had been a good representative of African women in the house which made her deserving of the prize money which would help her in promoting her fashion label “Latrice” and help fulfill her other dreams. Nigerian model, Tayo who has continued to avoid drama in the closing days of the show had a glass of Whiskey in his hand as he pleaded for votes. He was quite open, as he told Biggie that he would be disappointed and hurt not to emerge as the ultimate hotshot because he has been “the original version of himself”.


Nhanhla shared with Biggie that he had been able to drop some previous ideas which he think we’re the best, and learn completely new things which had been a very rewarding experience for him. He said he sees himself as a “content maker” and hopes Africa would see that and realise he was worthy enough to win. JJ was the last in the diary room and he appeared to be whipping up sentiments as he put the belts of Samantha, Permithias and Alusa around his shoulder while making a plea for votes. He said the three evicted housemates helped to shape his growth; thanking Samantha for teaching him lessons about himself, Permithias for being a brother and Alusa for mentoring him. The Zimbabwean went on further to pay tribute to his High School and his country, saying he can’t wait to be back home.


As we anticipate the winner of this season’s Big Brother Hotshots show, who is the most deserving winner of the eight housemates left?



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