Arsene Wenger Wants Divers Banned

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has demanded for new set of measures to punish players who dive during football matches

Wenger admitted to having players who have dived in the past but  insists he is against it in the strongest terms and the decision to dive is down to the player himself.

Arsene Wenger said the only way to stamp it out completely would be the threat of retrospective action and banning those who are not punished during matches.

“We should punish diving after the game,” the Gunners boss said. “The problem will be to decide when it was obvious or not because sometimes it is not obvious.

“There should be a panel and the most suited to this are people who have an experience in the game. They should punish only the obvious cases, not mixed ones.

“Naming those guilty alone doesn’t work. You have to suspend the players. I don’t know how long for, it depends, but the only way that the players will stop doing it is if they feel they can get punished.”



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