Anything Kim Can Do I Can Do Better: Amber Rose Copies Kim, Vixen Wears, Waist Trainer

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Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose not only date the same men, have the same birthday, and have similarly bodacious bums, they also achieve their figure the same way!

amber-rose-kim-kardashian-waist-trainer-lead.jpg 360nobs.jpg,.,

On Sunday, the 31-year-old entertainer tried to prove, yet again, that anything the rapper’s wife Kim Kardashian can do she can indeed do better.

The model shared a snap of herself on Instagram clad in a funky waist trimmer, that is also popular with the Kardashians, and pulled Amber’s waist in by a number of inches.

amber 360nobs.jpg 1

Amber captioned the snap:

“Thanksgiving is over its time to get back poppin in my waist shaper by @premadonna87 #WaistGang”

It’s so conspicuously clear, Rose is using her shaper to get her waist back after some major feasting.



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