Anti-Gay Pastor Arrested for “Grabbing A Man’s Genitals”

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This didn’t happen in Nigeria, LOL. Be rest assured. A pastor who has spoken out against homosexuality has been arrested for grabbing a man’s genitals and asking him for oral sex. A 27-year-old man was allegedly approached by Gaylard Williams, 59, while the former parked near Cypress Lake, Seymour, Indiana.  The victim then wound his window down and started speaking to Williams. When Williams allegedly squeezed the man’s genitals and asked him for a blow job, the victim told him he was ‘barking up the wrong tree’.

Williams ran off when the victim pretended to reach for a gun, according to WLKY news, then phoned police to tell them what happened. Police arrested Williams and he admitted that he had gay pornography in his car. He said the pornography belonged to someone else and he was returning it. He also said he was by the lake in search of a friend who came fishing nearby. Williams is a pastor of Praise Cathedral Church of God which has a series of practical commitments.

Under moral purity members of the religion promise: ‘We will engage in those activities which glorify God in our body and which avoid the fulfilment of the lust of the flesh.’ It adds that ‘Sinful practices which are made prominent and condemned in these scriptures include homosexuality, adultery, worldly attitudes (such as hatred, envy, jealousy), corrupt communication (such as gossip, angry outbursts, filthy words), stealing, murder, drunkenness and witchcraft. ‘Witchcraft has to do with the practices of the occult, which are forbidden by God and lead to the worship of Satan.’

LOL, the one who preaches against an act becomes the one that commits the same.


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