#360YearInView: Television Series That Got Cancelled In 2014

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2014 was a year of wonderful and interesting television productions as almost all the major production houses churned out major programs. Various television series hit the aid waves in 2014 ranging from science fiction, drama, fantasy to crime and what have you. This television series kept many of us glued to our television screens as we tried to deduce the next interesting plot these series would come up with.

However, midway into 2014, some of these interesting television series were cancelled, some after the first season and others in their second or third season of production. Most production houses attributed the cancellation to low ratings from critics and viewers even though some fans of these series think otherwise. More so, Some fans of these television series have made cursory attempts to bring back some of the cancelled show, but most of these attempts hs not been successful.

We shall take a look at some of the very interesting television series that grazed our television screens in 2014, which we unfortunately will no longer be able to watch anymore.


Almost Human


Almost Human is a science fiction, crime drama series produced by FOX. Despite being nominated for outstanding special and visual effects at the Emmy awards, it could not survive the first season as the ratings for the series dropped towards the end of season one of the series.




Believe is a science fiction fantasy drama series produced by NBC. Believe followed the story of a young girl as she grapples with her supernatural abilities. The show was initially renewed for a second season but was cancelled in mid 2014.



This hostage drama follows the kidnap story of the children of American elites and how their parents were forced to go the extra mile to get them back. Unfortunately, we won’t be having a second season of this action thriller.


Gang Related


It is an action drama series that follows the lives of officers who belong to a task force that take on deadly gangs in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the ratings were not good enough to have a second season.



Hostages is an action drama series that follows the abduction of the family of a doctor who was supposed to perform a surgery on the President of the United states by a rogue FBI agent. The series was cancelled after only one season in May, 2014.



This action adventure series was cancelled in the first quarter of 2014 as it failed to garner enough viewer ratings for its survival.



Revolution is a science fiction post apocalyptic television drama which ran from 2012 to mid 2014. The ratings of the show dropped in season two and despite a petition by fans of the show to bring it back, it seems not just enough to change the mind of the production house.


The Tomorrow People


This series followed the special abilities of a group of people who have evolved to the next stage of Home superior. The ratings were initially strong but dropped as the season progressed. There won’t be a second season.

True Blood


True blood came to an end with its seventh season which aired in 2014. It is a fantasy horror drama that follows the activities of Vampires and humans living side by side in a fictional town. Every good thing as every other thing must come to an end and True blood as ran it’s course.



Witches of East End


Witches of East End is a fantasy comedy drama which ran for two seasons and was cancelled in October 2014 after a decline in ratings midway through the second season.


So those are my picks of the interesting television series that got cancelled in 2014, is there anyone you know of?, hit up the comments section and we might have it up.



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