#360TheYearInView: Violent Television Shows Of 2014 (1)

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Violence is a norm that seems a part of our normal life and it’s portrayal in movies just seem to highlight it’s presence. With improvements and sophistication in movie and television productions, their is a clear and defined presentation of violence and deaths as movie houses try all within their power to hold the interest of the audience and viewers.

2014 was no less different in the violence presented on television as there were various shows that presented an apt description of maiming and killings. Various shows from epic, fantasy and vampire themed, all gave a vivid representation. Below are some of the most violent shows that grazed our television screens in 2014.



What makes the violence on this interesting television show ‘lovely’, is that it is pretty much refined. Unfortunately, this television show doesn’t get as much ratings as it should but it makes a brilliant watch considering if you have a thing for violence. However, the type of violence present on Hannibal is very much not for the weak hearted and can perhaps be described as gruelling and torturous. The most violent scenes that brings horror mist times occur after the death of any one of the numerous persons slated for such on the show. What makes the show more horrifying is the ‘tower of corpses’ and another scene where someone uses another’s vocal chords as a musical instrument. Other extremely violent scenes on Hannibal was at the point when Hannibal had a fight with other serial killers affected by Tobias Budge and his strangling of Miriam Lass.

Definitely, the gore and horrific scenes on Hannibal is one not suitable for children and people with a phobia for violence.




At a point, Nikita was among the top television shows with an unmistakable level of violence. Nikita is an action series based on shady government organizations and assassins. There are unending fight scenes involving the use of guns, knives and martial arts, including torture scenes that come up when there is a need to get information.

However, Nikita is less violent and gruelling than other shows on this list even though it holds its own with an average of seven deaths per episode.


Criminal Minds


For lovers of detective shows, Criminal Minds is a show that fulfils all the cravings and thrill behind discovering who was responsible for committing a crime. However, the show has always had violent undertones as it has majorly dealt with people that took joy in snuffing out lives from others. With the show running in its tenth season, the level of violence seemed to have increased especially since new writers took over. Criminal Minds seems to have changed focus from trying to get the viewers to understand the thinking of the killers to giving more of an apt description of the violence committed by the killers. This has led to an increase in the level of gory violence and killings on the show which thus, earned it a spot on this list.




Banshee is not your regular action television show as it adds elements of religious activities using the Amish community as a key part of the story plot. The story is based on a man who was just released from prison and is present at the killing of a newly appointed Sheriff of the town ‘Banshee’. He thereafter assumes the identity of the dead man and exerts justice in an unconventional and violent way. Asides the extreme violence Banshee brings to television, there is also a sizable amount of soft porn and sex scenes which only helps to accentuate the violence on the show.

The interesting thing about the violence on this show is that it goes on for minutes on end as it employs various tools of horror due to the fact that it has a prison and mob undertone in its plot.


The Following


The Following has been heavily criticised for its apt portrayal of extreme violence. The show portrays Kevin Bacon as Detective Ryan Hardy who steps into the world of serial killers led by Professor Joe Carroll. The level of violence on ‘The Following’ is second to none as the serial killers on the show employ lots of imaginative means to keep viewers at the edge of their seats.





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