#360TheYearInView: Top Female Television Villains Of 2014

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There have been some pretty badass female actors and villains in movies and on our television screens. From Catherine Tramell in Basic Instincts to Lara croft and Nikita, they are lovely, sexy and deadly. They bring more than just a pretty face to our screens as they have a strength of character that makes them a delight to watch even as they give the male folk a run for their money playing either the role of the protagonist or the villain.

The top female villains are attractively seductive and deadly as they go beyond the normal to ensure they achieve their aims. Two extraordinary females rocked the villainous role in 2014.

Victoria Grayson (Revenge)



She was the queen of the Hamptons in Seasons one and two before she was displaced and rendered penniless by the protagonist Emily Thorne. She’s rich, snobby and a tyrant that stops at nothing to achieve what she wants. From framing David Clarke, the father of the protagonist early on in the plot to a series of deaths to cover up herself and the Grayson family from a plane crash they were responsible for, Victoria Grayson definitely brings coldness and fear to her enemies.

More so, with Revenge in its fourth season, we see the unravelling and shrewdness of Victoria Grayson as she continues her love relationship with David Clarke – the father of her sworn enemy Emily. Her ambition to cover up her past and have her way by manipulating the people she loves. She is a greedy and selfish character with the sole desire of achieving a better social standing even if she has to hurt her children and every other person to do so. She definitely brought charm, poise and evil to the dainty character which is ever willing to challenge anyone.


Gemma (Sons of Anarchy)


Well, Sons of Anarchy brought an insight into the lives of bikers as everyone without an idea was able to get a sneak peek of such. The stand out performer of the show is Gemma Teller-Morrow. She was married into the biker life even though her maternal instincts seem lost in her biker chick attire, she is still able to do enough to keep her boys in check. She however like every other villain has an odd behaviour of dealing with people she hates.

What makes Gemma’s villainous acts unpredictable is her ability to switch from a good mother to a victim and a ruthless killer without remorse all in one fell swoop. What sets her uniquely apart is from other sons of Anarchy peeps is the fact that she is a mother who will go to great lengths to defend Jax and Abel, her son and grandson respectively. Well, as expected of every villain, her final nefarious act at the end of the sixth season was devastatingly deadly as she stabbed and shot her enemies. She had initially manipulated her son, his ex-wife and other guys of the biker club all in an effort to have everything her way. It is left to the imagination if she would have behaved differently if her son had not been embroiled in the middle of a notorious gang, perhaps her loyalty and evil manipulation would have been different. The character is however one to watch.


And so, there it is for the top villains of 2014. If you have any other one you feel deserved to be on this space, feel free to hit the comment section and we can talk about the



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