360Submission: Free Throws 2 [The Review]

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I got to know the name McSkill Tha Preacha in 2011 when I stumbled on a record off the “Metaphysical Induction” mixtape while I was still digging him, few months later; he dropped Get Rich or Die Wack (another mixtape) on me. I have watched (and listened to) Preacha grow from a raw rap talent that profits from Stormatique’s clash of super sounds to a registered member of the Temple of Hip Hop (a reputation you’ll think cavernously to figure who else is got in this country ).

Two things key to this young man are knowledge and hardwork.

Literature has it that extended plays are in anticipatory to an album and less than a LP. McSkill has got 5 compilations, the last 3 being EPs each passably containing 10tracks. Somebody could argue that EPs don’t have constrictions (agreed) but 10tracks? (I quiet!). Although his most explosive EP; Project X made it clear we are awaiting an album titled “Diary of a Supernatural” slated for release June 2014, I might possibly be the one reminding him for us December don reach – Where is the album? Instead what we get is a part II of the post Project X EP – Free Throws II.

Three EPs prior an album (sigh), I have a feeling arguments in his favour would highlight the menace facing a young developing emcee in a country such as ours as rationale (shall I say may GOD help us all!). To make do with what we have, let’s see how this student of KRS One and follower of Big Punisha decide to tip us of the album in the “kitchen” again.

1. OPENING ft. Terry Tha Rapman, Weird MC
This track is effective in establishing and/or increasing ones appetite for the project which makes it “perfect”. I kinda got a sub for doing this thou (lol) and if I must complain, I would ask if TR was owning a verse or introducing Preacha which I felt he was suppose to do. Aunty Shola eshey joor!

Here is a grown emcee plying his trade. The tempo, the attitude, the message, the propagation, the verse (what again?) is dope! Niqqa dey always carry the consciousness for face (lol). For me, Stormatique stole the shine for the supply of this sick beat; choice of instrumentation is one strong hold Preacha has always got over the years though.

3. 100 PERCENT
Preacha’s verse on here appeared like he was recording under compulsion and unprepared although all this was well masked under a perfect clash of sounds. Special thanks to Magic Man who kept the faith.

This is the most comfortable (and maybe effective) tempo for McSkill  in all my years of listening to him. It optimizes his attitude. Don’t get used to going faster than this man. This is the mind of an artiste who has mastered the art of lyricism in its simplicity.

How clearer this message could be passed is what I ask myself as my mind keep pondering the rudimentary track. The message is comprehensible but the entire verse’s custom is questionable somehow. Conclusion would then have it that a necessary message is propagated locally although the Hip Hop attitude is enough to cover it all.

6. SPOKEN WORDS ft. Nansy MrsHustle
The skit was needed. It was required but this is boring. She was just talking to herself.

It’s a pop-to-this track and I love the hook. I see an emcee securing his spot here compared to throwing subs though but there is “a bit” of too much talking. Dope number anyway with one or two punchlines in our face.

8. TIMELESS ft. High M
Somehow the call and response pattern between these two emcees didn’t live up the hype. Preacha and High M didn’t feel the pain equally and this kinda placed em on different platforms in addressing the quisling topic. Too much talking here and there sef.

9. FLEX ZONE ft. Butafly
Somewhere along the line, Preacha became a talkative. In the ordinary state, the guest was all that is needed from boring us out.

This track tastes like fresh. It came out well and precise although the weight as to being a Hot niqqa is soft.

Reviewed by: Dada Sholadoye (for: @UndCoverBrother)




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  1. This review is bullshit! Timeless is the best song on this mixtape and internet gangstars is the truth about what goes on today on social media, the message was clear enough! Next time, the writer should listen closely to tracks or mixtapes very well before writing a review. Kudos preacher, i give your mixtape 4/5.

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