360Submission: #Eva [The Review]

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I’m one person that has followed this young lady closer than her dreams, realer than her skills and genuinely as her beauty. I have also joined others to anticipate the anticipated album that is turned out to be “1960” for a while now; I pray it lands safely. As sure as I am that Eva Alordiah is not gonna disappoint, I would want to dig into this EP which is expected to be the skeleton of the Album and a follow up to GIGO EP that high marked her standards since 2011. Juxtaposing this two projects, it is difficult to tell what Eva has become perhaps she didn’t move an inch. From the moment we heard “A Milli” (a Lil’Wayne track cover) with Suspekt in 2009 and follow up appearances on Owo ati Swagger, Fido Dido, I no send u, etc, she was already in contention for the self proclaimed legendary Sasha’s crown but it was not until I heard her on strbuttah mixtape album that she had herself a front row factory fitted leather seat in my heart.
Now that all we have to connect with the yet to be announced released date for 1960 album is #EvaTheEP, let’s do a sketch of it.
I loved the connection of this verse with the “parental” High track. Don’t listen to this song if you haven’t listened to High, it would not be complete; Super progression! Eva’s strong point is in the clarity of the messages with adequate attitude and/or expression. This cut across the EP too.

2. 100 PERCENT
The tempo speeds up a bit reflective in her attack, attitude, firmness and the entire shake ups. Iceprince kinda flow is being marshed up (lol). When a woman appends “gangstarism” with expressivity, she usually comes out better, Eva took her advantage and 100% is a worth it track.

This is her joker delivery pattern. It is burning hot at the moment (until tables turn) she would always access our mind with the “stagato-hoppy” style. Virtually all the songs she has dropped this year have followed this Nicki Minaj influenced pattern. There is some clear lyricism here but surely they don’t hit beyond the attitude. I also noticed the word twist with the alphabets, dope!

4. EVA SAYS 14
Emotion and expression displayed perfectly. Why didn’t she just add a very light instrumentation maybe just keyboard or violin alone? It would have sold the poeticism a lot more. I love the later part that sounds like she’s in tears though.

In view of this, all I would wanna say is “we will wait on you”. We’ll wait on the 1960 album

Reviewed by: Dada Sholadoye (for: @UndCoverBrother)



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