Why Didn’t She? Angelina Jolie Almost Got A $250k Hemingway’s Typewriter For Brad Pitt

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TMZ is reporting that Angelina Jolie nearly bought the last typewriter Ernest Hemingway used before killing himself as a wedding gift for her husband, Brad Pitt. The typewriter is worth 250,000 dollars.

Sources said that Angelina’s agent got in touch with L.A. Police Commission President Steve Soboroff, who has an unbelievable typewriter collection, including Hemingway’s 1926 Underwood.

According to the sources, the ‘Maleficent’ star wanted to buy Tennessee Williams typewriter, but couldn’t buy it as Soboroff wouldn’t sell it and so Jolie then offered a quarter of a million bucks for one of the 2 Hemingway typewriters Soboroff owned.

Insider added that the agent sent a deposit check of 11,000 dollars from Angelina’s production company, Chivan Productions, but then Jolie changed her mind and cancelled the deal.

The source continued that though Jolie didn’t ask for her money back, the check was returned.


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