Could This Be Why Uti Is Still Single? Says ‘Marriage Isn’t For Everyone’ [Watch]

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Last night in the Big Brother House was a night full of revelation as the ex-housemates made it their priority to torment the hotshots housemates during their stay in the house.

Leonel may have taken his drinking habits to another level when he had a little too much of it. So much that he started staggering and puking all over poor Ellah who went in a rage over the unfortunate event.  It seemed like it wasn’t enough for this Zimbabwean lad when he suddenly started taking off his clothes and began running round naked.

Meanwhile, in the heat of the event, Uti and a couple of other housemates-both ex and presiding- were in a heated argument about what marriage entails.

According to Uti, it isn’t compulsory for everyone to be married. some people were born to be single. He also went ahead to add that you can’t decide for yourself when you are ready to get hitched, that only God has that power to make such decision. He continued in his argument specifically to Tayo who revealed that he would like to get married next year to his baby mama, seeing that age isn’t on his side as well. Uti told him that he should be sure spiritually and financially that he is ready to get married, that marriage should be rushed into based on circumstances.

Uti schooled the lad telling him, he should be sure God says it is ready before he plunges. But Tayo argued back saying he knows Gods decision is important but that his own matters as more.

Uti then said that as for him, he doesn’t know when he would get married and is waiting for God’s time because when that time comes, he won’t be that guy who would leave his wife at home at 2am clubbing or away from her side on the bed at any point in time.

Watch Leonel’s Drunk entail here-

Chioma Halima Olabode

Chioma Halima Olabode

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