VOTE: Between Inyanya, Maheda And Flavour Who Has More Naked Pictures Out There? [PHOTOS]

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Most people are attracted to pictures of nude or scantily clad bodies which seems to trigger an exciting point in the brain. Celebrities seem to be aware of this fact as they have used the brain responses of their fans to their nude images to good use. There was a time when it was considered a taboo and virtually impossible to come across the nude pictures of Nigerian celebrities, but that seems to be in the past now as more and more Nigerian celebs are eager to bare it all for the cameras and their teeming fans on social media networks. Moreover, this trend doesn’t seem to be limited to the female celebrities only as their male counterparts are not left behind in the showcase of formally conservative body parts. Amongst Nigerian celebrities, three major names come up when it comes to releasing sexy and raunchy nude pictures to the public and they are Iyanya, Maheeda and flavor.




Kukere master, Iyanya is definitely one of the Nigerian celebrities that has redefined the posting of pictures especially nude ones. The ladies can’t seem to get enough of the MTN project fame winner who never ceases to show off his abs at any given opportunity. With a well toned body backed up with amazing vocals, Iyanya mbuk sure knows how to turn heads with his body.


From flaunting his abs at shows where it is gradually becoming his trademark style to taking off his shirt during performances to stunning sultry images uploaded on instagram, Iyanya sure knows how to get the ladies drooling at his nude Bod which he also flaunts shamelessly in his music videos.


This has somewhat helped to boost his career by increasing his popularity amongst the women folks. However, it seems the number of nude pictures he has in the public sphere pales in comparison to those of Maheeda and Flavour.





The former Gospel singer who has turned into a sex goddess, Caroline Sam otherwise known as Maheeda is an indigene of Edo State. She has a pretty skewed history as she was Orphaned at 13 and had to go into prostitution by age 14 in order to make ends meet thus becoming pregnant at the tender age of 14.


Maheeda obviously has a passion for posing nude in front of the cameras and sharing such pictures with her teeming fans. As a matter of fact, Maheeda has had her Instagram account deleted a couple of times as a result of the raunchy and nude pictures of herself which she puts up on the social network site.


The climax of her nude releases came up recently with the release of her latest video where she is seen simulating sex with a number of men while dressed up in a birthday suit. Maheeda has reportedly affirmed that she is a sex addict and has repeatedly called for the legalisation of prostitution in Nigeria. She’s one person that takes delight in releasing pictures of her body to the world.









Chinedu Okoli better known by his stage name Flavour N’abania or Flavour, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer.

flavour strips

The fans of the kwarika and nwa baby crooner are still in shock after the modern highlife musician shared yet another semi-nude photo of himself on Instagram. The Highlife musician is always giving his fans especially the female new reasons to thirst for his body. Flavour who is seemingly obsessed with his handsome and well-built body is always ready to flaunt his abs in scanty clothings. Barely a week ago, the N’abania crooner took selfies of himself with only a white towel tied round his waist as he let every other thing bare with little left to imagination. He is definitely giving the women celebrities a run for their money when it comes to releasing raunchy pictures of himself making it apparent that not only the ladies can create pictures with less than little left to the imagination.





Who do you think has the best body amongst the trio?, and more especially, who has more nude pictures on social media?



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