Transitional Government Appointed in Burkina Faso

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Burkina Faso authorities issued a decree on Sunday announcing an interim government, with President Michel Kafando and prime minister Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Zida also taking on the key ministries of foreign affairs and defence.

Of the 26 posts available, the army claimed six, including mines, communications and the interior ministry. Other members were drawn from civil society groups and a medley of political parties.

Burkina Faso`s former President Blaise Compaore was forced from power by mass protests in late October as he sought to amend the constitution to prolong his 27-year rule.

A brief period of army rule ensued, led by Zida, before he bowed to pressure from the African Union to cede power to a civilian president who will rule until elections in 2015.

Western diplomats have expressed reserve about a strong army presence in the transitional government and advised against the appointment of Zida as prime minister. Under the terms of a transitional charter agreed earlier this month, neither Zida nor Kafando are eligible to run for president next year.



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