Trailer for AFUA’S DIARY starring Cleopatra Wood

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Afua’s Diary is an upcoming romance themed film from Ben Owusu which stars Cleopatra Wood, Fabio Abraham and Kwaku Sintim Misa(KSM).

The movie follows Alan Freeman is an Italian businessman who has suffered a bitter divorce. His ex was a South African woman who left him after she was given the right to stay in the UK. This divorce is affecting every facet of his life till he meets Afua forson Brown. Afua Forson Brown is a stunning African girl whose life is a catalogue of problems. She has a lazy, arrogant and aggressive boyfriend who depends on her for everything and an alcoholic father in Ghana who comes up with outrageously childish reasons to extort money from her. In addition to this, her visa is near expiration. As Afua and Alan meet and fall in love, Afua’s problems become a big threat to their relationship.

Written by Bibi Owusu-Shadbolt, Afua’s Diary will premiere at the Odeon Cinemas Greenwhich on the 5th of December.

Check out the trailer.

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