These Are The Must Have Pieces To Build A Chic Wardrobe

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– A Blazer: a good blazer is perfect for all body types and when worn well, gives you this very glamourous look. The blazer can be worn to the office for a professional look or with jeans for a casual look. Invest in a tailored blazer with lining for the best fit.


– A pencil skirt: a pencil skirt can be worn from office to an evening out. Try a style with luxurious material such as lace or with feminine prints. You can rock this with a simple blouse, blazer or a denim jacket.


– Jeans: this is definitely a must have for every chic wardrobe. For a laid back casual look to denim day out at work, jeans does a wonderful job. When you choose the one best flatters your figure, it gives you a really chic and comfortable look. You can pair jeans with almost everything; office shirt, blazers, print tops, tee-shirts etc.


– Tailored Pants: whether crispy or manny and rolled at the ankles, wide at the leg, high waisted or cropped at the ankles, they are essential for professional situations. Wear with a silk shirt, a pretty white blouse, a plain tee and statement necklace. You can wear with heels or ballet flats.


– Smart Shirts: collared shirts and beautiful silky, lacey, chiffon blouses are wonderful and versatile. You can pair them with almost everything too like jeans, tailored pants, tailored shorts, skirts and can be worn everywhere. With these smart shirts, it is so easy to make your statements like wearing with a bow tie, brooches etc.


– Denim jacket: a denim jacket looks great on everybody and can be worn with almost everything too. You can pair with skirts, shorts, trousers and with a dress for an evening out in town.


– A print top: adds flare and variety to your wardrobe. Wear with a pencil skirt or jeans and you are good to go.


– A basic Tee: a basic tee is good for days when nothing seems to work. You can dress it up with a tailored trouser or skirt and a statement necklace or wear with jeans.


– Happy Dress: this works both for the casual and official looks. They are for days when you don’t just feel like wearing something to dressy. A black dress is perfect as it is great for every ocassion. You can dress it up to work with all the accesories and you can wear it to dinner with your friends or casual lunch. Either with heels, ballet flats or chic sandals, they look just great.


– The perfect underwears: there are underwears you can’t wear with certain clothes. It will ruin the whole dressing. Make sure you invest in underwears with perfect cut and are very supportive. Besides, a good underwear makes you feel great at all times.

Shoes: A girl’s wardrobe can never be complete without her shoes. Flats, heels, sneakers, boots, sandals and slippers are what you need to complete your wardrobe.

A girl also needs deodorants, make-up, jeweleries and handbags to spice up her chic wardrobe.

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