“The Economic Effect of Ebola on Africa Might Be Less” – World Bank

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Reuters reports that the cost of the Ebola epidemic on Sub-Saharan Africa’s economy is likely to be closer to $3-$4 billion, rather than a worst case scenario of $32 billion, as the World Bank’s chief economist reveals.

Francisco Ferreira told a lecture in Johannesburg that successful containment of Ebola in some West African countries made its gloomiest forecasts less likely, although economic damage could still escalate if there was any complacency.

Ferreira said, however, that the Ebola crisis had already ravaged tourism in Africa because the “fear factor” kept visitors away from countries even where there had been no cases of the virus, like Kenya and South Africa.

The latest WHO Ebola tally on Nov. 14 reported 5,177 deaths out of 14,413 cases, mostly in the three worst-hit countries.




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