No Response Yet As Stampede Leaves 2 Dead, Several Injured At Akwa Ibom Stadium Inauguration

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Following the unfortunate incident that plagued the inauguration of the newly modern stadium in Akwa Ibom, which saw two persons dead and at least 20 others injured in a stampede at the entrance on Friday, there has been no response from the government or any other parastatals so far.

In fact, the Commissioner for Police initially denied the report saying, it was only a matter of crowd control and he wasn’t aware of any news of an incident taking place, according to Premium Times.

As reported earlier, the crowd control was a difficult task in spite of the road blocks mounted some kilometres away from the stadium.

Although the spectators got tickets to enable them access, the crowd started thronging the stadium about five hours ahead of the scheduled time for the match.

However, a new twist to the plot emerged as the state Commissioner for Health, Dr Emem Bassey, confirmed the report saying that two unconscious persons were indeed taken to an undisclosed hospital.

“I was told that two persons have been taken to the hospital; these are perhaps people who were fighting at the gate in their bid to enter the stadium,” Bassey said.

“It should be expected; this is the first time this is happening, everybody is excited, everybody wants to enter the stadium.

“We have 150 medical personnel in this place and eight ambulances. All our medical teams are up and doing and all the clinics are manned,” Bassey said.

NAN reported that the security operatives at some checkpoints were using horse whips and tear-gas to control the crowd.



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