Saint Rogers Episode 6 by @Tomilola_coco #SaintRogers

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“If I did not know better, I would think you were trying to hook me up with Lamide.”

“What if I am?”


“You are?”

“Maybe I am”

“Stop with the what ifs and maybe. Are you?”


Another pause.

“That’s not right.”

“Why? cos you like my other sister and she does not like you back?”

Long pause

“Tamilore this is wrong.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes all at the same time, she was resting on a pillow, her legs on the wall.

“Lamide is a sweet girl…”

“But you don’t like her.”

“I do. I just… I just…”

“You’re scared of Yetunde.”

“No. I’m not.” nervous laughter, “I can’t be.”

“This is what I think Timi, you are scared of Yetunde, you are scared to stop liking her because for some funny reason you think you will not find someone else asides her. And that makes you a coward and I hate cowards. So until you are done being one, don’t talk to me.” Then she hissed and hung up.

There was no light and Yetunde had long turned off the generator. So she laid there in the dark, her eyes looking upward, wondering why in the world she just yelled at Timilehin on the phone.


Yetunde was reckless. It was one of her superpowers. She was annoying, spoilt, vengeful and reckless.

Those attributes scared people off about her, but it irritated Tamilore. She did not know why everyone thought to run away from her, they could just tell her to her face what a bitch she was.

“I will kuku like to know what you think you are doing. You are leaving in my house, eating my food, spending my money, following my boyfriend and keeping secrets from me. Who do you think you are?” She asked with unmistakable spite. She was not hiding it, she was Yetunde. Yetunde did not hide anger or jealousy or spite. She said it for you to see.

“You said he’s not your boyfriend.”

“No he is not. He has even started irritating me more but why are you close to him? Is that how normal sisters behave?”

Tamilore stifled a chuckle. How ironic for Yetunde to be the one to say those words when in the past, she had never behaved like a “normal sister.”

“If you like sleep with him, that’s your business. He kuku has so many women he is following in this Lagos, so if you collect STD as souvenir, that’s your business. Just don’t bring that here.” she hissed and proceeded out of the door, “I am going out with those that matter. His time with me is over.” she left the house and closed the door behind her.

Tamilore picked her phone and called Timilehin, “Timi, I am sorry about last night. I should not have said those words.” she began to say, “I was way out of line.”

She heard him laugh and it made her smile. He let things go easily, he was the guy who made everything seem so easy, she wondered what anyone would ever do to get on his nerves.

“Its okay, Tamtam.” he had opted for the nickname Lamide called her since he heard her call her the name.

“So can I buy you one chapman to say sorry?” She asked and he said yes.


They chose a bar not far from Yetunde’s apartment and she ordered drinks for them both, she drank from his and he hit her playfully.

“I am not a coward though.” he said with a smile and the color drained from her face.

“I’m sorry, Timi. It was very wrong I know.”

He placed a hand on her hand to stop her from apologizing, “Its okay. I’m just saying that I am not. There is a reason I am this way.”

She waited for it, listening to what the reason was.

“My mother died two years ago and before she passed, she spent the last ten years of her life wishing she could rewrite the last night she spent with my father.” He was smiling as he spoke but she sensed there was nothing happy about this story. “They had been fighting a lot before he died and I had witnessed some of them, then there was this one night they had a heated argument, he left the house and never came back. She got a call in the midnight that he had died in an accident.”

Tamilore placed a hand on his, stroking it gently, wondering how he could still keep the smile on his face intact.

“She was devastated, he was the love of her life, they had loved each other like crazy and even though they had their differences, they loved each other dearly. For months, she would not talk to anyone, not even me. Then when she came out of the trauma, she would say to me every night not to hold grudges, not to let fights go on for too long, not to let the people who mattered out of the door.” As he spoke, she could see that he was in pain. She wanted to tell him to stop talking but she doubted he would listen and so she let him continue.

“I don’t know why I held on to the words so seriously. Maybe because she was going through pain and I wanted her to know I would be there for her or because I knew how deeply they loved each other.” He looked at Tamilore, “I grew up to be the man who would put everything into what I believed in, I grew up to love wholeheartedly and refuse to fight with the one I love…”

“But you don’t love Yetunde.” She found herself saying. After all he had said, that was the first thing that had popped out of her mouth.

“But I care about her a lot.”

“I’m sorry for what you have been through.” she muttered.

“Let’s talk about brighter things” he said and grinned, she was coming to gradually like to see him grin.

Then they discussed other things and he made her laugh and she made her laugh. When he went to drop her at home, he hugged her and said, “By the way, if I had to date any Akinola sister that isn’t Yetunde, it would be you.”

She was not sure for how long she stared at him saying nothing.


Whenever he called her and she did not pick, he appeared at her door. It was annoying her already and as much as she liked to stare at him, was making her angrier.

“Tamilore, I have told you what you want to hear. Why won’t you still talk to me?” He asked her, frustrated that his efforts to be close to her were not working.

“You told me things that won’t get you into trouble. You are still scared…” still a coward, she wanted to add.

“But that is everything.”

“That’s not everything. See Jide, I am not trying to be a part of your life, so I don’t know why you spend every minute at my sister’s door, you can carry your secrets away. I don’t care.”

“But I do.” He tried to reach for her and then stopped, as if scared to touch her. Tamilore tried to swallow the hurt, he still wouldn’t love her. He still wouldn’t make the effort to love her.

“Just go home, Jide. Go away.” she said, exhausted from hoping that things will change. She had not even realised she was hoping, not until he had seen it too much of an effort to do something as simple as holding her hand.

He walked out of the house, leaving pain to course through her heart, leaving her heart to break again.

She was leaving the sitting room when she heard the key turn in the lock and her sister came in. She walked into the house, looking flustered, her bag held tightly to her chest.

She was closely followed by someone.

“Are you okay?” Tamilore asked immediately, running to her side.

Yetunde was hyperventilating, overreacting more like it and clutching to her like she had been attacked by a squad.

“One of those boys that stand around the area I went to tried to attack me, it was this good man here that helped me and drove me home. I could not even drive.” She said, collapsing into Tamilore’s hands.

Tamilore held her sister and looked up at the man who had helped to say thank you. It was then she saw him, he smiled at her and her blood ran cold.


She was talking fast to Jide on the phone, saying too many things at the same time and sounding incoherent.

“I don’t know how he found her or knew she is related to me but he found my sister and he is going to hurt her. He is a cold blooded killer, so Jide find that stuff so we can give it to this guy because he will kill my family if we don’t!”

She yelled into the phone, her legs were shaking so she sat on the floor, too afraid to move.

A killer was hovering around her and her family and it was not a good feeling.

“But I cannot find this thing, I don’t even have it… I…”

“Listen Pastor, if you do not find that thing and hand it over to me in three days, I will call your parents and everyone that matters in your Church, tell them how you came by the name hot dick, tell them we have a sex tape, paint vivid pictures of nasty things we have done together and mess up your picture perfect life.” She was not playing, he knew it. He knew her.

He swallowed hard and asked, “We have a sex tape?”

“Oh yes hot dick, we have a sex tape.”

He knew the deal. If she went down, she was taking him with her.




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  1. WOW.this is wonderful its surprising how ppl aint commenting on this story. likeam so scared for tamtam this killer man means biz oo…wat kind of mother is mrs rogers sef am sure sh will tell her son when to have kids and make love to his good work tomi always love your stories

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