PrimeTime TV Isn’t Going Anywhere When I Get Elected- Dayo Adeneye

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Political aspirant and entertainment pioneer in Nigeria, Dayo Adeneye recently declared his ambition to run for seat at the Ogun state House of Assembly, his state of Origin. A lot of concerns have been circulating the industry as to the fate of the show and label that brought about famous acts such as 2face Idibia, Prime Time Africa. Dayo said, in a Twitter media chat, that he will continue to host the program even after winning the election.

His optimism however, is one to admire as he is certain he will win.

“I don’t see why not.if my schedule permits @preshnest: would u still anchor Primetime Africa with Keke kenny when u win? #MeetDayo

“Continue to help upcoming talents @CityPeopleMagz: : Sir! What plans do U hv for the Music Industry when U get to the house? #MeetDayo

“We pray for it to be free m fair @CityPeopleMagz: @Dayod1adeneye what’s your biggest fear as the election draws near? #MeetDayo

” I have mentors n party leaders@Thelmaaxx: @Dayod1adeneye Do you’ve any God father in politics? #MeetDayo@CityPeopleMagz

Still same person@CityPeopleMagz: Q: D1 as the entertainment guru and Hon. Dayo as the politician… What’s the difference? #MeetDayo


Source: DailyTimes

Chioma Halima Olabode

Chioma Halima Olabode

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