Moses Ebite Discusses His Favourite Designers, Magazines, & His Worst Dressed Nigerian Celebrity

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360nobs Style met up with super star stylist and head of Moashy styling, Moses Ebite to have a quick chat about this year’s fashion so far. Moses has styled several celebrities such as Seyi Shay, MBGN Tourism 2014, MBGN 2013 Anna Ebiere amongst others for the red carpet. He has also styled several shoots and magazine covers.

Moses discusses  his best & worst  outfits, which Nigerian magazine should be scrapped and he has something to say about Nkiru Anumudu.


Which magazine cover has been your favourite this year?
Internationally, I would say Lupita Nyong’O’s vogue cover. She had a groundbreaking year and she is absolutely stunning. Nationally, it is definitely MBGN 2013, Anna Banner’s complete fashion cover, which I styled.

Anna Ebiere CF
Your favourite designer?
My all time favourite designer is KARL LAEGERFELD
 Your favourite collections so far?
I have so many Nigerian favourites making waves internationally: Maki Oh gives me life all the time. Also the most recent collections from Wana sambo , Iamisigo , & Clan have been quite outstanding .
Who do you think are the most stylish celebrities on the scene right now?
Temi Dollface and Korede Roberts

Who do you look forward to styling?
Temi Dollface

Whose red carpet outfits have been the most memorable for you?
BEST– Ezinne akudo in Wana sambo, styled by me and Seyi Shay in April by Kunbi for Mo Abudus 50th birthday
WORST — Tania Omotayo – Tiwa and Teebillz Wedding In Dubai

Tania Omotayo is the lady with blonde highlights
Tania Omotayo is the lady with blonde highlights

There are several magazines on the nigerian scene, name one that should be scrapped
I think each magazine has a demographic it reaches out to so why scrap? I however think that a few could raise their standards and think in more global terms.

 According to 360nobs fashion, these are the best magazines in Nigeria right now; Mania, Blanck magazine, Complete fashion, Wow magazine, Genevieve magazine, Zen magazine, TW Magazine. Rate them from best to worst terms of creative content….
That is according to 360nobs, my favourite magazines are

 There is a lot of controversy over Nkiru Anumudu’s style. Most people say her clothes are ill fitting, others say she just throws on anything, and some people think she is a style icon. What do you think?
Style is a very personal matter! I love that she takes risks with her style! Everybody has an opinion because she is in the public eye. She exudes confidence, what is more important than that?
 Favourite upcoming designers?
I love a couple and can’t wait to see them take the world…. tzar, ifeanyi nwune, are to mention a few

Would you say luxury and fashion directly proportional to each other?
Not at all! I bought a tshirt from balogun market the other day when i was on location! I later wore it with rather expensive jeans, but people kept asking me where I got my tshirt, I proudly told them the truth!
There are a few Nigerian designers now on the local scene giving us quality affordable fashion which I am excited about.

Moses Ebite1

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