Manny Pacquiao Successfully Defends WBO Title

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Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao successfully defended his World Boxing Organization welterweight championship title after defeating Chris Algieri by unanimous decision.

A huge left hand from Pacquiao sent Algieri to the canvas halfway through the eighth round. Algieri appeared seriously hurt, but  beat the count to keep the contest going. He was knocked down again a few seconds later, one of six knockdowns he suffered on the night.

An accumulation of shots led to Algieri going down again in the ninth, but he again got up, and survived a 15-second assault from Pacquiao to make it out of the round.

Pacquiao continued to land punches at will in the last three rounds, but for ninth consecutive time, failed to score a knockout.

“I came and did my best and that was good enough,” Pacquiao said. “I was trying to knock him out but he was fast and moving so it was hard to get the K.O.”



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