Man Returns From Africa To Find 20 Maggots Living Under His Skin(Very Graphic Video)

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A man from China,Mr. Ma returned home after a 6 month adventure to Africa with red sores and bumps along his right side and on his right leg. The bumps were painful to the touch and itchy for two weeks, but only after running a high fever did Mr. Ma finally decided to go see a dermatologist.

The doctor looked at the red bumps and realized he was not looking at some strange rash or pimple, he was in fact, looking at the breathing tube of a tumbu fly maggot. The doctor informed he would have to undergo minor surgery to remove the maggots. A total of 20 fat, well-fed maggots were removed from Mr. Ma during the procedure.

see video below;

Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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