Ko Durosoke: Man’s Penis Remains Erect 8 Days After Sleeping With Another Man’s Wife

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A man in Uganda left people dumbfounded after he claimed his penis had remained erect 8 days after he had sex with another man’s wife.

According to Kenya Today:

Simon Peter Olara, a guard attached to HARSH Security Company limited and deployed at Tororo cement industry started experiencing an endless painful erection after having sex with Christine Aboth 23, the wife to Jaffar Wambede, a radio and TV technician in Malaba town.

Aboth, who lives at Greenland trading center, has for the last two weeks been seeing Olaro after bitterly separating with Wambede in June this year.

Wambede had accused her of stealing household property and aborting whenever she conceived. Olara, groaning in pain, told Malaba police on Tuesday that he had started experiencing the abnormal erection on September 8, 2014 soon after having sex.

He said ever since the erection started, the situation had worsened as he could not even sleep at night. After failing to receive medical attention at St Anthony’s hospital where doctors advised him to undergo surgery, Olaro was taken to Malaba police by his colleagues, friends and LCI chairperson of Greenland trading center, Maureen Alowo to plead with Wambede to forgive him in case he had a hand in the strange happening.

Aboth told the police that she ran away from Wambedde due to torture leading to miscarriages but promised to return the house hold property she had stolen to save Olara.

She explained that ever since Olara’s abnormal situation, she has been spending sleepless nights as he cries throughout. She accused the former husband of having a hand in her new fiancée’s condition saying when they were separating, Wambedde assured her that she would never have peace with any other man, an allegation he vehemently denies.

Wambedde said he could not do such a thing to an innocent young man because Aboth is no longer his wife and at best, he has a new wife. Alowo described the situation as strange occurrence and the first of its kind in her village which is located adjacent to Tororo cement limited.

She said they decided to look for Wambedde after they had failed hospitals and spiritual leaders around. Alowo pleaded with Wambedde to take back his ex-wife if he was still interested so as to save Olara’s life.



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