Is Iyanya Finally Back On Track?

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If you’re one of those jobless people who watch TV a lot, especially music channels, you’d agree with me that you’ve been seeing Iyanya on your TV a lot recently.

Thanks to Soundcity, Trace TV, MTV Base, Channel O and Hip TV, you’re guaranteed to see Iyanya’s muscular physique crooning in your face at least 50 times every day. And that’s being mild.

Safe to say, Iyanya is doing something right.

The singer, fell off track after the his split with producer D’Tunes, with his singles struggling to get airplay and public acclaim like Kukere & Your Waist.

Iyanya however ended his dry spell of not beng able to string 2 consecutive hits with the release of Mr. Oreo first, and then Finito.

Mr. Oreo was released as part of MMMG’s label compilation titled The Evolution, while Finito came as a single on its own.

Thanks to these 2 songs, Iyanya seems to have found his way back to our music players; Mr. Oreo being a bump-to, feel good romantic song, while Finito is the perfect song for the dance rave of the moment, the Shoki dance.

And with reports that he’s going back to D’Tunes for his next studio album, expect many more hits for Iyanya.

Download Mr. Oreo here, and Finito here.



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