Halle Berry Wants Court To Reduce The “Child Support” She Pays Her Baby Daddy

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Gabriel Aubry is still receiving payment for getting beat by Halle Berry‘s fiance Oliver Martinez, and the actress is tired of it.

Aubry claims that he is still suffering damages from the fight that left him with a battered face and a broken rib, and cannot find work because his face is still busted, claims which Berry says isn’t true.

The couple share equal custody of their six-year old daughter, Nahla, and now Berry is seeking that the support money she pays him be reduced.
Currently, Berry pays:
$740 a month for Gabriel’s “Fitness”
$940 a month in clothing (Gabriel lists Nahla’s clothing expenses separately — $675 a month)
$700 a month for Gabriel’s health insurance
$1,975 a month in car expenses
$1,100 a month in furniture and electronics


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