#GTBLFDW2014, Day 3: IAmIsigo

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Enjoy all the fabulous catwalk pictures from day 3 of the GTBank Lagos Fashion Design Week.

LFDW Day 3_IAmIsigo_01__360nobs LFDW Day 3_IAmIsigo_02__360nobs LFDW Day 3_IAmIsigo_03__360nobs LFDW Day 3_IAmIsigo_04__360nobs LFDW Day 3_IAmIsigo_05__360nobs LFDW Day 3_IAmIsigo_06__360nobs LFDW Day 3_IAmIsigo_07__360nobs LFDW Day 3_IAmIsigo_08__360nobs LFDW Day 3_IAmIsigo_09__360nobs LFDW Day 3_IAmIsigo_10__360nobs LFDW Day 3_IAmIsigo_11__360nobs LFDW Day 3_IAmIsigo_12__360nobs LFDW Day 3_IAmIsigo_13__360nobs LFDW Day 3_IAmIsigo_14__360nobs LFDW Day 3_IAmIsigo_15__360nobs ssss

Photo Credit: Kola Oshalusi(Insignia media)

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