Ghana Fashion & Design Week Launches New Talent Spot™ Initiative Space To Support New Graduate Entrepreneurs – Introducing Afua Biney Of Radford University College.

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Ghana Fashion & Design Week (GFDW) is pleased to introduce NEW TALENT SPOT™ Initiative space, a new addition to the platform’s activities and industry development plans in Ghana ahead of the international event in October 2015.

Under the New Talent Spot™ Initiative space, GFDW will collaborate with Universities and Higher Education Institutions dedicated to fashion, design and creative arts education in Ghana.

This collaboration will see the selection of outstanding fashion design and talented creative arts graduates work spotlighted and given creative business support and guidance through the GFDW developing platform’s inclusive activities and professional support from its industry partners.

The New Talent Spot™ Initiative space will serve as an incubator for creative development transition and business continuity for the new graduate entrepreneur to facilitate sustainable job creation post graduation.

The New Talent Spot Initiative space launches with the premiere collaboration between GFDW and Radford University College in Ghana (RUC), introducing to the space AFUA BINEY, new fashion design Graduate of Radford University College. Afua Biney’s graduation collection embodies her ability to translate complex creative thinking into simplified reality, exhibiting skills and quality in production that GFDW hope to find in new graduates to produce quality Made in Ghana products relevant to a wider market.

The initiative, which will focus on multi-faceted design and creative arts disciplines will identify and develop through the New Talent Spot™ space inclusive and essential areas in creativity that has direct and significant relationship to the fashion and design industry in Ghana for sustainable growth. It is hope that this new initiative will encourage fashion and creative arts students to challenge their creative abilities and perfect learned skills to be the best, think global, and embrace technology to push their creative barriers for innovation to achieve their career goals as forward thinking and successful future creative entrepreneurs in Ghana.

Africa is going through a fashion revolution with a bright future shining through, GFDW is pleased to be part of this new transition and transformation for industry growth in Ghana. The fashion industry in Ghana has great potential to create sustainable local jobs, though yet to be fully explored, and furnished with the support that it needs to reach its potential. We are pleased to initiate these new but promising steps to pave the way for progression.

With universities like RUC (Ghana) dedicated to advancement in fashion and design degrees, it is encouraged that aspiring designer entrepreneurs seek the right education and essential guidance to equip and propel them towards the future in an age of technology that is rapidly changing the world.

The Fashion and design industry is a multi-million global industry, in a new age of technology and media, countries around the world are brought even closer than before, with new opportunities for international trade reaching almost all corners of the globe, and changing how the fashion industry market operates through global interaction. Ethical Fashion and Sustainability development practices supported by GFDW are at the heart of Africa, creating jobs and sustaining lives, and Ghana is no exception. It is hope that Ghana and designer entrepreneurs will fully explore these new opportunities opening to Africa and the country for trade, to become a one stop destination for sourcing quality Made in Ghana designed products that are wearable and usable locally and globally.

Ghana Fashion & Design Week is globally recognized for leading innovative ideas for fashion and creative business development in Ghana. It aims to continue to explore innovative ways for growth, and establish successful experiences for new graduates with this initiative, staying true to its ethos as a platform for Vision, Education and Creation.

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