French Company To Make Ebola Perfume

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A French company is cashing in on the widespread publicity of the Ebola virus to make an Ebola perfume spray.


According to Aleron Celine, the company’s director of marketing for the Ebola spray, the use of the Ebola name is not to scare anybody away and is strictly for humorous purposes.

“Ebola headlines dominate our daily life. It’s a household word everybody is thinking about, everybody is talking about,” Celine said. And so many people joke about Ebola we feel that they will find it funny to spray themselves with EBOLA too… as a bit of a joke.”

 “Of course, some might see people spraying themselves with EBOLA and think they are deliberately infecting themselves and that will be part of the fun, but this is just a unisex fragrance completely absent of Ebola virus. It’s just a very nice smell… earthy, grassy smelling,” Céline added.

The perfume will be carried at boutique shops throughout France and sold online for a retail price of $399 USD.



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