Domestic Remedies For Toothache

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Toothache is the worst thing that can ever happen to anybody. Anybody that has had the misfortune of having a toothache will know that it not just your mouth that hurts. You can feel the pain in almost every part of your body. It makes your head ache, your eyes hurt and I’ve had a really bad one that made me feel as if malaria was a child’s play. I was so sick that I could not do anything by myself; that is till the doctor intervened. Although the dentist is the best person to see when you have problems with your teeth or gum, there are also home remedies you can try to help relieve you of your pain before you get to the doctor’s. Most of the methods are very common and mostly prescribed by anyone who knows how to use them.


Salt Water: this one is very common, even the dentists prescribe them especially after an extraction of a tooth. Mix a heaping spoon of table salt in a small glass of warm water. Swirl around them in your mouth for as long as you can or till it is cold and spit it out. Repeat this for as long as you want. Never swallow the salt water.


Alcohol: alcohol is another common local method of curing toothache. Just swoosh a bit of vodka, whiskey scotch or brandy. A mouthwash with strong alcohol in it will do the trick too.


Garlic: Take a clove of garlic and mash it. Apply it gently (settle it inside the cheek). You can also mash some garlic with salt.


Peppermint leaf: chew on fresh peppermint leaves. You can also chew on dried leaves; just hold them in place (where it hurts).


Potato: Potato is delicious but can also serve as a medicine for tooth ache. Just cut a bit of potato with the skin off and hold it in place. You can also pound the potato, mix it with salt and use the mash


Lime: cut a slice or wedge of lime and apply. Bite into it if you can to release some juice.


Onion: Slice a piece of fresh onion and hold it in your mouth. The onion must be freshly cut to provide some onion juice.


Tea: make a fresh cup of tea, take the teabag (still warm) and stick it in your mouth. Be careful not to tear the bag. The tannins that are naturally in tea leaves can help numb things.


You can also try brushing your teeth gently and flossing it to bring some relief. Do not place aspirin on the sore tooth. Aspirin is acidic and placing it directly on gums on tooth will cause corrosion of your teeth and acid burns on your gum. If the side of your face is in severe pain, it could be a sinus infection or an allergy that affect your sinuses rather that tooth problem. Try taking a decongestant; it will help. Make sure to take care of sinus infections as they can permanently damage one’s hearing. It is always best to go to your dentist for whatever is. Home remedies are awesome and provide instant relief; most times but the dentist will be able to treat you better.

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