Does Jaden Smith Really Plan On Taking Out His Penis Surgically?

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A satirical news site, NAHA Daily where ‘NAHA’ stands for ‘Negroes Against Hairline Abuse’ posted a story on their website that Jaden Smith plans to remove his penis on his 18th birthday. The story goes:

“This is a decision I made on my own, but I hope this doesn’t affect my parents decision to assist me with this financially” Giggled Jaden when he revealed his eighteenth birthday plans. Will Smith son Jaden Smith 16, made the announcement that he would have his male member removed on his eighteenth birthday, because in his words “My p**is doesn’t define me”. “I’m not gay, I’m not straight, I’ll just be a penis-less boy name Jaden” Said Jaden Smith who claims the decision doesn’t make him more or less of a man than any of his male fans. Jaden’s only concern is the decision affecting his career as an actor “I don’t need a p**is to be the karate kid; What’s between my legs shouldn’t determine the length of my acting career”

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However, the story is total fiction and created just for laughs. The About section of the website states that ” NahaDaily is completely fictional and is based off of current events in urban culture and entertainment. This is satire and parody.”
The story still went viral though a few weeks later when comedian D.L. Hughley posted a link to the article on his Facebook page:
dlhughleyThough most people were quite skeptical, it was believable as the Smith kids are known for their weirdness. But thankfully, Jaden doesn’t plan to uproot his penis

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  1. If he does this or if he doesn’t do it, it is none of my business or yours. The decision is between him and God. I do say that he is very brave to publicly state this, true or not.

    1. Announcing your gonna be transgender or to cut your penis off Is not brave Caitlin is not bravery. You a stupid cunt. I don’t have problems If you want to be transgender I support you but it’s not brave so everybody shut the fuck up using that word unless your talking about some actual bravery

  2. If it were true and he made it public then it would be our business because now we know and secondly there would be nothing between him and God because he would defile the temple and become an abomination plus he’s a celebrity what’s so brave about being open about bullshit

  3. Jaden do not cut your penis off god gave u a penis for a reason do not be stupid does not matter if u are bi gay straight whatever u are created with a penis for a reason

  4. Jaden if you wanna take it off….. Just do it! However, remember your dick is there for a reason.

    You should start using it more and I’m 100% sure you will never take it off. ?

  5. Stopsaying god gave him his penis god is non existant in any religion god is for those who lack intelligence or fear death!! Big willy gave jaden his lil willy when he boinked his mum and made him 🙂 you god loving hippies!!

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