Congo Successfully Eradicates Ebola

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No Ebola case in Guinea

The war against Ebola seems to be waning as Congo became the third country to successfully eradicate the disease.

Congo’s outbreak, which killed 49 of the 66 people infected in the remote northwestern Equateur province, is unrelated to the outbreak in West Africa, where at least 5,177 people are known to have died in the worst Ebola outbreak on record.

“No new cases have been registered since Oct. 4,” Health Minister Felix Kabange told reporters in Kinshasa.

“After 42 days of active searching, the government declares…the end of the outbreak of the Ebola virus,” he added.

Forty-two days is the internationally-accepted period for declaring Ebola over as it represents two full cycles of the maximum possible incubation period of the disease.



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