Child Abuse: The Effects Of Abuse On A Child

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A video of a house maid beating a child to near death went viral on social networks last week. It was a very painful video to watch as the help did things to the child that was wicked and inhumane. She slapped, kicked and stepped on the child just because the child threw up the food she had forced her to eat. The footage was heart wrenching and anyone who saw it was appalled. It showed how dangerous it is for you to leave your child with strangers and that the issue of child abuse is very real.

Child abuse is the physical, sexual and emotional mistreatment of a child. It is every child’s right to have a safe and a violence free childhood, to grow up in an environment filled with love and care. Breaching this right, that is neglecting the child, depriving him of the basic attention, love and care he needs is an abuse. Anything done to a child that poses as a threat to his life is an abuse and the effects are often everlasting. It’s not just when you pour hot water on the child that you’ve abused her, starving her, refusing to do your duties as a parent by sending her to school and so on. In fact, calling your kids name and cursing them is a form of abuse (verbal abuse). These abused kids often tend to have behavioral, emotional and mental disorders later in life especially when unattended to. Some of the psychological effects of child abuse on a child are:

– Making unsafe sexual decisions; having continuous stray and unprotected sex.

– Inability to connect with others. Always withdrawn and socially impaired.

– Inability to hold a relationship which can break his/her home in the future out of fear especially for someone who was sexually abused

– Becomes a bully, terrorist in a bid to transfer his pains and anger to innocent people

– Excessive abuse of drugs and alcohol

– Depression and inability to concentrate.

– Low self-esteem

– Becomes suicidal (especially when the child is old enough to know the things he/she can do to end his life )

Child abuse doesn’t just affect the victims, it affects everyone around them, even those they will be surrounded with in the future. Therefore, it is very compulsory for parents to pay proper attention their children. Building your career is not an excuse to neglect your child. Take your time to groom your child and don’t be aggressive with them. Educate them about sex and make them aware of the different things that can be harmful to their health, especially the mental state. It is important for parents to not just be parents to their kids but to form a very good friendship with them. Abuse is real and it is your duty as a parent to keep your child safe and sound.

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